Carmelite House

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Key Information
  • Project Name: Carmelite House
  • Client: Quadrant Estates/Orion Capital JV
  • Architect: Fletcher Priest
  • Main Contractor: WB Simpson
  • Stone Used: Belgian Blue limestone, Sabbiato finish
  • Completed: October 2014

Carmelite House is a £25m office redevelopment overlooking the River Thames. Fletcher Priest Architects specified Belgian Blue limestone for the reception and lower ground floors and the staircase between the two.

As the UK commercial agent for Pierre Bleue Belge, one of Europe’s largest quarry operators, Trans-European Stone, arranged the sale of over 400m2 of 600x600x20mm thick Belgian Blue limestone tiles. The stone contractor, WB making payments direct to Pierre Bleue Belge.

We have specified Belgian Blue limestone for flooring as the stone displays subtle, natural variations within a consistent colour palette and we like the wide range of textures and finishes available. Its long history of use demonstrates its lasting durability which works with the longer design life required for modern commercial buildings.

Lucy Priest, Architect at Fletcher Priest

The architect is very happy with the Belgian Blue limestone which was used on the Carmelite Street project and we were very impressed with the service Trans-European Stone provided

Marc Poland, Director at W.B.Simpson